Thursday, August 27

Geocaching Adventure One

Matt and I went on our first geocaching adventure last night. For those of you unfamiliar with geocaching, it's where you follow coordinates to find cache left behind by someone using a GPS and a compass. (More information here:

With his rusty trusty iPhone as a guide, we set off!

We left a little later in the evening, and follow the directions to a near-by cemetery. It was dusk when we arrived and began our search!

This is my first find. Cool, but not the geocache we're looking for. Winslo sure was curious, though!

Oooooo... it's getting darker!

After much searching around and using our phones as flash lights, Matt found what we were looking for! Look how excited he is...

Inside the box was a scroll of paper to record our names and the date, and lots of little goodies left behind by others.

Here's what we took... a pin with a very necessary message on it.

And we left behind a Get Out of Jail Free card. Everyone needs one of those, right??

Look how dark it was when we left! Yikes!

So glad our first Geocache was a success. Much easier than my old experiences letterboxing with Angie. I'd have to say that any time you get to follow clues to find a treasure as a grown up is a good time with me! We will definatley be geocaching again... hopefully sooner than later.


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