Wednesday, January 25

Simple Valentine's Bouquet

One of the reasons I've come back to blogging is to avoid just being a passive observer of all the wonderful craftiness and creativity that is out there. I found that while I am still inspired to get creating after perusing the endless possibilities on blogs, pinterest, and sites like craftgawker, I can spend an hour looking and then never create anything or act on any of my inspirations.

One of my goals this year is to get back to sharing some of my projects here, in order to have a record of what I've done. I'm hosting a Valentine Making Party in a few weeks, and I was inspired by this easy project by Rebecca Cooper at Simple As That.
crafty disaster
I gathered some of my craft supplies, made a big ol' mess, and created my own little bouquet of hearts!
close up boquet

After pulling together a little of this and a little of that, I came up with something fun that is festive without screaming "Valentine's Day!"

valentines boquet 
I'm getting pretty excited about decorating and hosting my Valentine's Crafting Session. I'll be gathering some of my crafty friends to make valentines for Etsy's Share the Love 2012 event. I can't wait to make some fun little notes for meals-on-wheels recipients. So fun!

Monday, January 23

Sipping Pretty

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas has to be the amazing state glasses my mom picked up for Matt and I from a little boutique in Northern Michigan. Despite our move to Chicago, my serious love for Michigan still reigns true. Luckily, my mom knows that both locations are important to us!

michigan glass

chicago glass

She doesn't remember what store she got them from, but luckily I found both the wholesale seller and an online place to purchase your own glasses!
Find your state here: CatStudio
Purchase at Uncommon Goods

Wednesday, January 18

Now that winter has finally settled in to stay, Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister has been on repeat around these parts. It's the perfect soundtrack to quiet afternoons curled up reading with a warm cup of tea, or for late night crafting binges (both of which have been occurring with frequency as of late). I love the way the music instantly carries my thoughts to memories of college winters and long, snowy walks.

Find a comfy spot to observe the snow and let the music take you away...

Any music suggestions to add to our late winter music selections?

We've also had all Sigur Ros, Jimmy Eat World Futures and a bit of Kanye West 808s and Heartbreaks (gotta get your dance on!) on constant spin.

Monday, January 16

Black Thumb

I always have the best intentions when it comes to plants in our home. I want to have a green thumb. And I try my very hardest to keep things alive, like my little pots of grass, because I just love the look of live plants scattered about the apartment.

My intentions over the past year have led to the purchasing (and quick demise) of a potted palm, a gorgeous orchid, and four to five air plants. I could make excuses for why each of them died (a couple of animals that shan't be named, ahem...), but the truth is the only think I've kept alive is a small fern of some sort that is waaaay up on a bookshelf. I sometimes remember to water this little plant that could.

But! I've been wanting to try out my hand at terrariums forever. And with the help of the lovely folks at Sprout Home, I think I may have finally found success. With a store this lovely, who can say no?

The store is a true urban oasis, and the ladies there helped me pick out everything I needed to make these little guys:
spaceman terrarium window

spaceman terrarium 2
spaceman terrarium

tall terrarium
little cactus terrarium

I am determined to keep them safe from prowling pets and dehydration. And I'll be visiting Sprout Home again as soon as my wallet allows me to!

(dead houseplant image from the book "All My Friends Are Dead", Sprout Home images here, terrarium images by me)

Saturday, January 14

Saturday Morning

choc chip pancakes

Warm coffee and a chocolate chip pancake...

Winter has arrived to Chicago and I'm taking this morning slow.

Monday, January 9

Why Hello There!

christmas card '11

I can't believe it's been over a year since my last blog post.

I hadn't intended on taking such a long hiatus from blogland. My silence in these parts was the culmination of many things... but I'm back and ready to get blogging again!

We sent the above holiday card this past year to our closest friends and family. You can see we've added a big ol' cat to our little family. Kitty Cache (pronounced cash) is an awesome, albeit a bit grumpy, addition to our little family.

2011 was a year of peace and settling around these parts, as we adjusted to new jobs, new friendships, and a new city.

Life is good, my inspiration is flowing, and I can't wait to get back in the swing of things!

Tuesday, January 4

Easy Cheesy

Please tell me you saw Poppytalk's 2010 Most Influential design list last week. If you didn't, check it out immediately! I love Poppytalk, and man, this list pretty much sums up 2010 design-wise. A few of my favorite trends included:
 reclaimed wood
 bright ideas
(images from poppytalk)
Inspired by these design ideas and having a wide-open Sunday afternoon, I decided to whip up a little something. 
I dug though my old jewelry and found a pile of bangles. I used to rock bangles all the time, and lately I've wanted to update my accessories. 

I grabbed a yellow bangle, a hot glue gun, and embroidery floss. 

My new bracelet looks great with the vintage brass ones I've had forever!
Now that we have space and large windows, I have a feeling that my crafty juices may just start flowing again!


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