Tuesday, October 27

My Parents

these are my parents.

they have been married 26 years.

they recently returned from a trip to italy, where they stayed in a villa in the tuscan countryside (amazing, right?). they saw so many historic things and experienced unbelievable beauty. but the only story my really wanted to share with my brothers and i is this:

"Everywhere we went church bells were always chiming.  Every little village we visited had at least one huge cathedral, so the bells were always ringing.  I said to Jeff (my dad),  'I just love church bells, they are so romantic.'  He laughed and I kissed him.  From then on whenever we heard church bells we kissed. Well, while we were in the airport heading home he started getting a little testy with me.  So I just looked at him and said, 'I hear church bells.'  We both started laughing and he leaned down and kissed me. And everything was all better.  That's gonna be my slogan from now on.  Try it--it could be good for your marriages as well."

what advice.

i am so grateful that mattchew and i have such an enduring example of love.


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