Wednesday, October 7


I got to work today just to discover that the school was closed - the gigantic wind storm we had last night knocked power lines down, and our school just happened to lose power. I kept one home visit, then took the rest of the day off, just like my coworkers, who got the phone call at 6 in the morning that school was closed. (I need to get on that call list)

Normally, on an unexpected day off, I would climb back into pjs and watch movies all day. But on my fridge hangs the list I made last night:

That's right... I hung a goal list right where I could see it every time I open the fridge. And goal one is organize the craft room.


I actually love the prospect of redoing a room to better inspire me. But this one is still filled with boxes. And a tool-filled dresser. And lists of wedding thank you's to write (now that's something that belongs on the list!!). And buried in there is a sewing desk I can actually fit my sewing machine on! 

Well, wish me luck...


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