Friday, October 16

Winslo's Birthday

Winslo turned one yesterday!


So we visited the park to play with friends.

And run around (would you look at those crazy ears?!?).

Then we went home for some very dog friendly cake and ice cream.

Although the cake was nothing I'd ever eat, (a combo of peanut butter, carrots, vanilla, and other puppy friendly things) Winslo sure loved it.


And then Matt and I left for a while to let him sleep off his birthday fun.

Upon return, he proved to us that although he may have had a birthday, he is still very much a puppy. The small black pieces are bits of my bicycle helmet, which he spread about the living room. He also chewed up a hardcover book. Yup, still a puppy.


Well lovelies, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I'll be back next week with some fabulous thrifting finds and (hopefully) some fall colors.


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