Monday, November 30

Confession Booth

I have a few confessions to make.

Like the fact that even though we don't own a tv, we still get completely, ridiculously addicted to TV shows. (um... mad men, always sunny in philadelphia, dexter??) We tend to download entire seasons of a certain show, then have giant cuddle-fests when we have a few days off.

Confession Number Two: The shows I'm addicted to always portray a pretty nasty way of living. Like a nice serial killer. Or handsome men having affairs and getting away with it. And yet, I just.keep.watching.

I've read several good books lately, such as Eating Animals and The Year of the Flood by Margret Atwood. Maybe I'll share some reviews soon. Because I'd much rather read than watch tv, and we always need some recommendations, right?

I've been obsessively researching toddler songs about Santa Claus and jingle bells. Even though Santa freaks me out a little (come on, a big fat guy sneaking in your house, eating your cookies??), its good for my students to be able to say, "Ho ho ho." Don't ask me why.

Also, I made paper snowflakes the other day. For the first time in years. I'm going to hang them up today, even if Mattchew hates snow. They might need some glitter first. Yes, definitely glitter.

And last, but not least, this video just renews my wish for a little kitten:

Whew, it feels good to get all that off my chest. Anything you need to share?


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