Tuesday, November 17

of droopy eyelids (and police encounters!)

Last night, hubby stayed up waaay too late to try to catch the Lenoid Meteor Shower. Feeling adventurous, we drove out in the country to this park where local astronomers meet to watch all things galactic. Only to discover these astronomers no longer meet at that park - and then be told in not so polite terms by a policeman to leave. Immediately. So maybe he didn't chase us out, but he did shine his spotlight on us for about 2 minutes as we got puppy and the camera stuff and our hot cocoa back in the car. We were really, really disappointed. I may or may not have pouted the whole ride home.

 So we trooped back home, only to discover that the stars were gorgeous right from our front lawn! Isn't it funny how home is just the best place to be sometimes? Matt took the above picture, which turned out pretty okay considering the light noise from the city...

So anyways, I'm tired today. Lately, I've been tired everyday - as in fall asleep with a book at 7:30. It makes me feel all old and such. I'm glad that my sleepiness today has a good reason besides 'I had a long day at work'. I don't want to lose my excitement for all those little things that keep life fun, just because I'm too busy napping!


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