Wednesday, November 4

A Splash of Color

Although I love the fall time change because it means my morning commute is brighter and I get to see lovely sunrises as I drive around the city, it bums me out that it gets dark waaaay before we've even gotten around to eating dinner. I mean, really really bums me out.

Lately, I've been trying to think of ways to make our chilly and dark (at least when we're home at night) apartment a little cozier.

And so I'm thinking: terrariums!?!!?

Well?? Maybe if they are in glass, they won't die as easily as our Orchid (sorry Laura), or my pretty little red potted basil plant (i guess sunlight isn't enough - water, anyone?) or the little succulents that must have tasted so delicious as sneaky puppy devoured it.

And well, I'd have to avoid dinos. Cause, well, my big strong hubby is a bit afraid of dinos.

But, all things considered, terrariums could be perfect in the front window.

(Terrariums found here, here, and here)


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