Sunday, November 22

Sunday Date Night

That's right. We spent Sunday evening in the oh-so-glamorous Laundromat.

It was a date night because it involved Frosties. And sitting together reading.

 We wore our best sweat pants because everything else was dirty.

And we tried our best not to be cranky about the fact that we were washing clothes on our last free weekend night. It obviously worked, because we got home and actually FOLDED them the night they were clean!!

(side bar- i never noticed how tight my jeans were until they were rubbing against my swollen freshly-tattooed flesh. um, ouch??) 

(side bar #2 - this is my puppy asleep next to me right now. he smells fresh from his bath earlier wakes up to lick me when he hears me talk. awwwww)


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