Wednesday, November 25

Thanksgiving isn't just about the food, right??

Thanksgiving, last year.
All of the cousins from my dad's side of the family,
I'm in the front, rocking super long hair.
One of my younger brothers is directly behind me, holding the little guy in a sweatshirt.
My other brother is the face you see on the Mac. He lives in Ukraine, and skypes us at every Holiday. We take turns walking around the house, passing him off to different family members. My Grandma cries every time. Oh how I love technology.

He'll be in Ukraine again this year. I miss him.

In fact, I miss my whole family. Especially my mom:

She's one of my best friends. And we don't see each other nearly enough.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for health and a roof over my head and a creative mind and a good job.

But mostly, I'm thankful because I get to be with my family!

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!! 


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