Monday, December 21

I became a teacher -

just to have christmas break off!

so maybe that's not the only reason, but let me tell you, these two weeks off come as a great respite in the middle of a crazy year.

i've been busy crafting, stirring, baking, planting, and wrapping - all just in time for the big day!

the last of the presents are bought and most are gathered under our little tree looking so cute.

i'm putting the finishing touches on some homemade goodies - like homemade sugar scrub for baskets full of body products:

and an Amaryllis for my mother in law:

it feels good to see the little pile of presents under the tree growing as i wrap and decorate each gift for friends and family. i'm loving using different paper scraps and recycled/reused goods to make each package look lovely. yay for planning ahead - it's seriously my first year actually accomplishing most of what i set out to make.


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