Tuesday, December 1

Little Feet

There's a scratching noise coming from the ceiling above me. A sort of scurrying, burrowing little scratchy noise. The kind that comes from at least 4 (maybe more!) tiny mousey feet.

I don't hate mice, but that sound sure gives me the willies!

So I'm pretending they come from cute little mousies, like these:

Mrs. Applecheeks the Librarian

Cody the Geek

And oh.my.goodness: The Beatles!

If they look that cute, I can pretend they are having little adventures up there. Like recording cute songs or checking out other mice's books.

And not sneaking out at night to nibble my bananas and leave me mousey droppings in sweet places.

(More cute mice found here: House of Mouse. I'll take them all, please!)


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