Thursday, December 17

Zombies and Santa Earrings

I dreamt I was fighting zombies last night. They were chasing me and my unnamed friends and we had to run/hide/kick/hit with hammers/do whatever possible to escape.

Then I woke up. For ten minutes or so.

When I feel back asleep, it was Zombie Dream: The Sequel. This involved a hide speed boat chase and the prom king (wha??) jumping off a dock to avoid being zombi-fied. And one of our fellow boat riders pretending she wasn't a zombie, but then turning into one as we rode along.

So I woke up again.

Lucky me - I had Zombie Dream the 3rd waiting for me when I drifted off again. This one is a little dicier, but I'm pretty sure it involved bunk beds. And maybe a shot gun?

Here's the thing - I haven't watched a Zombie movie since Halloween. And the dreams weren't scary as much slightly entertaining, and slightly annoying because all I wanted to do was sleep in peace. Oh boy.

In other news - I am wearing my santa clause earrings and blingy candy cane pin today. It's the last time I'll see my little toots before CHRISTMAS BREAK!! Look at me, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and deciding to be late for school. It's okay - we're playing musical chairs and making magic reindeer food. Oh yeah. My job is awesome!


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