Monday, February 22

Back to the Real World

Our Chicago get-away was beyond wonderful. Having four straight days of lovey-dovey time and adventures were spectacular. Going to work this morning pretty much sucked. 

 I'm usually the queen supreme of trip documentation, but for some reason, I failed this time. So just a few snaps:

Our lovely hotel, one block from the John Hancock Building.
The king size bed that we didn't have to share with a puppy bed-hog.

View from one of our long walks. We love walks. Especially ones that lead through Lincoln Park Zoo.

While wandering around on Saturday evening, waiting to meet a good friend for dinner, we were handed super great 3D glasses. That turned all light points into smiley faces. For the fireworks that started over the river a half hour later.

Waiting for fireworks to start!
Here's what we don't have pictures of: shopping, walk walk walking, eating way too much food, checking out cool neighborhoods and scoping them out for walkability and dog-friendliness, apartment looking, friend visiting, local pub finding, and grocery store snooping. 

Since both of our jobs are one-year positions, we're beginning to look for jobs outside of our beloved state. Because, amazing Mitten state or not, we do rank 50th out of all 50 states for unemployment and economy and all things that make futures bright. And Chicago has everything we're looking for in a city, and is still only a 3 hour drive from 'home.' 

So we came home with a few answers and a few more questions. All in all, a wonderful getaway.
(oh, and i think winslo missed us)


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