Sunday, March 28

Birthday Wish List

I love birthday season, and my birthday is sneaking right up on me! Only 8 days away now... a day I recently found out I share with Erin of Pugh's News! Aren't birthdays the best?? Even if I don't open any presents or have a party, I get the satisfaction or walking around all day smiling to myself, thinking "It's my birthday!"

Without further ado, I present, my birthday dream list. I usually don't indulge in wishing for lots of things, but hey - birthdays are special, right?

I love this Cityscape stamp set and the Imperial Correspondence Set, both from Yellow Owl Workshop. 
This print from Capow's etsy... a little bit like a greeting to our future adventures! I also love the different Detroit shots
Great Lakes represent!!! I love this poster from Ork Park... all of their city neighborhood prints are genius. 
I've been admiring these Wood and Wool stools for so long. A girl can dream, right?
So in love with the Rare Prints line of Wayfarers. How great is the Metro Print style
I love the flower print ones too! I scratch and drop and break sunglasses, but I promise if I got these, I'd be so careful!!
Last but not least, I adore this Seabound Skirt from anthro. I love printed skirts... and this one takes the cake!

Ha... that was probably too much fun to put together. There are so many wonderful things out here on the world wide web, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few! 

 What would you wish for if you could pick anything??


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