Monday, April 19

Another Weekend

How is it already Monday?? I feel like Sunday night just sneaks right up on me, every time. And then POW! It's Monday!

Sigh. At least it was a great weekend. Here's a peek at how it was spent:
Lots of time spent cutting/gluing/photoing notepads - and a wonderful Ladies' Craft Night on Saturday!
Art Downtown on Friday night - a night to highlight artists all over Grand Rapids. How sweet is this HUGE knit graphic?
Yummy sunday lunch with erich and allison at winchester. LOVE their mimosa bar to pieces.
All afternoon sunday spent with this little dude in the park. his name is bowie (yes, as in david bowie). He is dave and lindsey's new puggle puppy!
He and Winslo are best friends and total lovers.

How was your weekend?? I hope you had time to relax and enjoy yourselves a bit. Any fun creativity or adventures to share??


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