Wednesday, May 5

Cruising along...

Last week, I saw this print via one sydney road, one of my favorite reads lately.  
I knew I had to have it right then and there. Our house is filled with browns, greens, and oranges. And, um,  bikes?? Yes, please! I'm not one for impulse buys, but man, when my little package appeared on Monday (the longest monday in the history of the world, mind you...) I could have jumped for joy! Now, I just have to find the perfect frame for it and hang it in the kitchen!

You should definitely head on over to den20studio and check out some of her other gorgeous work!
(i love that this one is called 'some like it hot')

i've been working on lots of little projects lately... trying to stay inspired and committed to finishing each project before starting a new one. whew, it's tough. i'm finding i'm becoming a scattered person. 

i'm also on a mission to find the perfect pot for my itty bitty tomato  plant - my first purchase from the farmer's market which (EEK!) opened again (FINALLY!) last saturday.

why is it that wednesdays always lead to random ramblings?? 

oh... and have you entered my little giveaway yet? there's still time...


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