Monday, May 10

May Day Exchange!!

I got seriously spoiled in Angie's May Day Exchange. Getting mail is so much fun - especially when that mail is filled with lots of little surprises!
My box came from Misti, who owns T-La-Re, a little store in Manhattan, Kansas. T-La-Re features repurposed antiques, retro items, fashion, and gifts, as well as the work of local artists. Her package to me was filled to the BRIM with amazing little things.
Three vintage postcards, from Kansas, Holland, and Michigan! Oh, and how amazing is it that she used old  sewing patterns as filler?
Vintage Better Homes & Garden's magazine from May, 1970.
And, oo-la-la!! A little straw purse, a t-shirt from her store, vintage bracelets, a small ladybug pin, a tiny green clay pot, a vintage scarf, handmade earrings, an adorable notepad, and a little card with chocolate in it! What did I tell you? Seriously spoiled!

And to top it off, a little package came from my creative bestie, and host of this amazing swap!
Everything fit perfectly in this teeny-tiny box, and of course, was adorably packaged.
I looooove the owl pin. She knows me too well.

And this homemade card is currently residing on my fridge, being held up by the cute little clothespin clips. 

I sent my package to Kelle of Rice Babies. I got everything put together late at night, so the pictures are dark. Sorry...
First, I found this little birch twig basket, and three little green eggs. Kelle is currently expecting her third little one, and I love thinking of a family as a 'love nest'... anyways, I wrapped them all up and tied them with a little left over yarn. 
I also made this little pillow, since I was still on my embroidery kick... It says grow and has little Queen's Anne Lace stitched on. Here's the back fabric:
I also made a little group of vintage buttons  and a little card -

Oh mail, how I love thee!! There is really nothing better than pretty little packages waiting for you when you get home from work. It's pretty much the best, ever. I can't wait to join another little swap. Have you heard of any good ones lately?


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