Wednesday, May 19

The Smell of Coffee

I used to hate coffee. I loved the smell, but hated the taste. 

College converted me.... late nights, early classes, too much homework... I now love coffee. Rich, dark, organic coffee.

But rich, dark, organic coffee is expensive. Especially if you buy fair trade.

That's why we buy our beans from Sweet Maria's, when they are green, and cost $5 a pound.
(photo borrowed from here)

We stick the a half cup of the beans in our $20 Target air popper and wait. This step is best done outside because it is quite stinky and smoky.

Whirring beans... with a little pot to catch the hulls of the beans.

The finished product!! Gleaming, delicious beans... airing out for a day or so.

Once they are fresh ground and steeped in our little French Press, there is really nothing better.

(If you haven't noticed, we love making things ourselves at Auburn Street. Beer, coffee, crafts, home repairs... I call matthew my little Pa Ingalls behind his back, because he is so good at making things from nothing. It's cool though. I always had a crush on Pa Ingalls anyways.) 


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