Monday, June 14

Woooo Weekend

Wow weekend, you kicked my butt. 

A selection of what went the past few days:
CJ and Robin got hitched. Dancing the night away... Major road trip across the state and back in one day. 
Got back at 2 in the morning, just to wake up at 6 to set up for Bizarre Bazaar. 

(please ignore the crocheted bags hanging in the back... just wanted you to see my bunting!)

(oh, and the butt shot here!)

The sale was a HUGE success! I sold out of all of my envelopes, and sold over half of my notepads (I made almost 50, so that's pretty good). I also networked and met lots of fun folks and ate a YUMMY elephant ear. All in all, a wonderful day.

Then, Sunday, we headed back to this wonderful place on Lake Michigan:
(this photo is from November... today wasn't quite so sunny, but it sure was warm!!)
We went with a group of friends and stayed all afternoon. Then had pizza in the park. Slept the whole ride home in the backseat with the puppy... who swam like a champ! Spending the day relaxing and playing outside was the perfect way to end such a crazy weekend.

But now, I'm wondering... can I have a weekend to recover from my weekend? Do you ever feel like that on Sunday night?


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