Monday, September 20

Family Time


we did lots of touristy things and walked for miles. we were supposed to do even more touristy things, but the rain foiled our plans. funny, though, that once your plans are rained out, you discover that simply sitting in a hotel room and playing cards all night is all you really need.

that, and a '99 bottle of dom perignon. ya know, to celebrate all the exciting things that have happened recently, like our big move, and taking the m-cats (go little brother!), and anniversaries, birthdays, and kyle's big move to japan... lots of exciting happenings going on.

they left yesterday around lunch time, and we spent the rest of the day moving from the bed to the couch and back again. which is pretty much the perfect way to spend a sunday, if you ask me...

how was your weekend, lovies??


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