Monday, October 25

Weekend Ramblings

This weekend was:
lots of time in the kitchen
pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
 playing in the park
lots of awkward photos
and painful attempts at a family portriat
 a rad clothing swap hosted by lovely leigh
 her beautiful wall of art
and her wine stealing kitty cat. cutest old man cat in the world!

It was a really great weekend. The perfect preparation for today.
Today, I start my new job, and I've got all sorts of first day jitters. This week is mostly half days of training and such, then full-time starting next week. I'm really excited - and I hope that I've found a place I will get to work for a while. I've been saying way too many goodbyes lately, and that gets rough. 

But here's to new adventures (and beginnings), meeting new people, and swapping some clothing!


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