Monday, November 29

Vacation Mode

(me. taking a deep breath, via hubby)

hi. did y'all have a nice break?

i sure did. in fact, it's really hard to switch gears back to the real world. 

i loved the time spent with family, seeing a few friends, and road tripping with hubby. but the truth is - i'm pretty tired. we logged 1200 miles in our trusty rental car, in just three days. 

so, yeah. i'm sleepy. 

and this month, this month is a doozy. birthdays, out of town guests, a cross city move (more on that later). 
and yeah. that little holiday known as christmas
needless to say, i'll take my break back, pretty please. pretty please with sugar on top??

Okay. So I don't get that break back. I'm planning on facing December fortified with lots of hot cocoa, a few twinkly lights, and lots of mistletoe strewn throughout the packing boxes! Stress or no stress, I love Christmas!

So. Are you embracing the upcoming season with a candy cane in one hand and some curly-cue ribbon??

(or do you need a little eggnog to get you through the next month??)


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