Monday, January 16

Black Thumb

I always have the best intentions when it comes to plants in our home. I want to have a green thumb. And I try my very hardest to keep things alive, like my little pots of grass, because I just love the look of live plants scattered about the apartment.

My intentions over the past year have led to the purchasing (and quick demise) of a potted palm, a gorgeous orchid, and four to five air plants. I could make excuses for why each of them died (a couple of animals that shan't be named, ahem...), but the truth is the only think I've kept alive is a small fern of some sort that is waaaay up on a bookshelf. I sometimes remember to water this little plant that could.

But! I've been wanting to try out my hand at terrariums forever. And with the help of the lovely folks at Sprout Home, I think I may have finally found success. With a store this lovely, who can say no?

The store is a true urban oasis, and the ladies there helped me pick out everything I needed to make these little guys:
spaceman terrarium window

spaceman terrarium 2
spaceman terrarium

tall terrarium
little cactus terrarium

I am determined to keep them safe from prowling pets and dehydration. And I'll be visiting Sprout Home again as soon as my wallet allows me to!

(dead houseplant image from the book "All My Friends Are Dead", Sprout Home images here, terrarium images by me)


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