Wednesday, August 19

Amor y Paz

Today, Matt and I paid a long overdue visit to the Boys and Girls Club. We brought red reusable bags and tons of tempera paint and spent the afternoon creating.

Matt is going to sell these colorful bags at the farmer's market. Half of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross's Measles Initiative, the other half will provide much needed funds to Steph's art room at B&G.

We had the most hilarious and interesting conversations with the kids about what the bags are for... words like vaccinations, pre-cycle and green were tossed around. Plus, the kids were so excited to see 'Mr. Matt'.

So if you are at the Farmer's Market anytime soon, buy a bag - you'll look really cool and support two awesome causes. Although save the one with the words paz and amor, as well as a really awesome soccer ball for me


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