Monday, August 24

The Waiting Ends

Merely 15 minutes after my last post, I received a call offering me the job of my dreams.

That's right, I am now officially a teacher of babies and toddlers with disabilities. As in, a school district will finally pay me for doing what I love. I will be doing home visits three days a week, teaching parents and working with young children on meeting different goals. Then, two days a week I will teach in my OWN preschool classroom for children who are 30 to 36 months old.

That's right, I get to get paid for playing with babies. Oh my, oh my, I am so excited!

And if that weren't enough to make my day perfect, after a celebratory dinner with my parents and celebratory drinks at our favorite micro brewery, I came home to this:

That's right, my best-husband-ever finished the shelf and transfered all our books and records to it while I was at work. Doesn't it look awesome!?! I love the blue on green combo!

(oh, and a very naughty puppy who broke into our bedroom and chewed up my favorite mail organizing basket is now sleeping in the coop for the night. he had just earned house privileges while we were out, too.)


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