Monday, August 24

The Waiting Game

Sitting on the front porch with Winslo, waiting for the phone to ring. Still haven't heard back from what seemed like a promising interview on Friday for my ultimate dream job. They said I'd know by tomorrow, but each hour that goes by makes me a little less hopeful. Summer is winding down, and if I'm going to be teaching this fall, I need a job soon. Like this week. Especially because it's my last week of nannying before the girls go back to school.

On a lighter note, a few pictures from some fun goings-on from the past few days.

Baking party with Laura and Ally... great conversation, wine, and amazing food!

The table where the magic happened!
The chunky peanut granola that I made and have been eating for breakfast every morning. So good.

The bookshelf Matt and I rescued from the side of the road on Saturday. I painted it bright blue, and Matt add some supports to make it more steady. Finished project pictures to come...


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