Sunday, September 20

Mad Men

I am officially, apologetically obsessed with Mad Men. I love the glamor, the clothing, the dialogue, all of it. I cannot wait each week for the each new episode to come up in the iTunes store.

Suddenly, all of my shopping has been twinged with a new mantra: "What would Betty Draper wear?" or "Where would Don sit?" (Like I said... I'm obsessed!)
We don't have a couch yet, and I find myself drawn to these amazing Mid Century couches. Despite the fact that we have a destructo-puppy, and love slouchy furniture, I can't stop lusting after these couches!
We saw this one at Urban Outfitters last weekend. I want it.

And don't even get me started on Joan Holloway.

I think if I had either of these dresses, I would totally channel Mad Men. Found them on Planetclairevintage's etsy shop. Ah! But if I had these dresses, I would need to have more cocktail parties. All the time.

I was definitely born in the wrong decade.


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