Thursday, September 17

Busy, Busy

It's laundry night in our household. We put it off as long as possible, until we're out of pretty much everything. Then we lug our overflowing laundry baskets down to the local laundromat. And spend copious amounts of quarters doing HUGE loads of laundry. In the end, it only takes a couple of hours and the people watching is pretty great. And I get a chance to read my book in a place where I won't fall asleep (unlike in my bed) which strays from the norm.

The school year is in full swing, and Matt and my days are busy and tiring. Today I lead group all day. This means I got to be in my classroom instead of at the office or in my car. But it also means I see three groups of 6 or 7 two-year-olds with various disabilities for a preschool-like session. It's exhausting, but fun. I'm getting into the swing of this whole new job, and beginning to feel like I have my feet under me.

We spent the past weekend visiting my in-laws. We went in order to take our parents to a Tiger's game, as our big "you guys are awesome for helping with our wedding" gift. Although we tried to stay away from all of the crazy traditions of the wedding industrial complex, we wanted to do something special where we could all be together again. We all had fun, but it was exhausting coming home after a weekend away and jumping right back in the swing of things. I'm still tired today.


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