Tuesday, October 20

Laundry Day

One thing I've learned since getting married is that some things simply aren't a life of death matter.

Before the wedding, I had this idea of Matt and I living in an idyllic apartment - surrounded by our neatly hung photographs and brightly colored walls. I'd cook yummy healthy meals every night on our beautiful kitchen gadgets. And he'd never be out of socks and I'd always have ironed pants to wear to work.


Although it took me a couple of months to stop stressing about the fact that our apartment wasn't spotless and that there are (almost) always dishes in the sink, I have gotten much better about it. 

Sometimes it's simply more important to spend a beautiful afternoon out with the puppy, enjoying one of the last warm, sunny days of fall. Because, quite frankly, the world won't end if I wear mismatched socks to work. And Matt will still love me (maybe even love me more!) if I don't make the bed every day. 

What an amazing realization.


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