Wednesday, October 21

Thumbs Up #3: Ode to Fall

Dear Fall:

You are my favorite season.

You bring new smells and colors. You remind me that beauty often lies in things winding down, not only beginning.

Also, I love cardigans. And colorful scarves. And not having to wear shorts and capris to survive.

Two words: spiced cider.

I love the idea of apple picking and pumpkin picking and hay rides.

And you gave me an excuse to carve pumpkins with my 2 year olds yesterday. Even if most of them were afraid to put their hands inside, or screamed when we lit the pumpkin, or gagged when handed a slimy seed.

Did I mention spiced cider??

And, because you're colder now, we can sleep in piles again! Which Mattchew and I love, of course.

Oh, and TV is better when you are around. And I get particularly crafty this time of year.

And it isn't snowing yet!!

In short, you are amazing. I love you, fall.



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