Sunday, November 8

“If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all.” - Billie Holliday

The adorable Micaela over at Dolce Vita graced me with the Sugar Doll award.

I was pretty geeked to get this little award - it's my first one on this little bloggy of mine. I've also never been too good at coming up with interesting things about myself... I always dread that first day of class when the Prof has you go around the room and introduce yourself. I just sit and panic and try to think of something, anything to share. Lame?? I think so.

Anyways - here goes ten things about me!

1. I love love LOVE to cook. But I'm lazy. So we order take-out at least 3 nights a week.

2. I've been a dedicated vegetarian for over 6 years.
Last week, I tried my very first bite of happy bacon
(grass fed, organic, local cow) in 6 years... and I loved it!!

3. I love being creative and crafty. But I have to tackle small projects or I never finish them!

4. I am currently working my dream job - I get to be with babies and toddlers with special needs all.the.time, and I get paid for it! Because it's only a one year position, I'm afraid I'll never get to work a perfect job again.

5. The hardest adjustment of married life has been getting rid of my car. Hubby and I share one in order to encourage us to drive less and slow down. It requires lots of compromise and good scheduling.

6. We don't own a TV. And we love it!! (Mostly because of Hulu Desktop, which lets us stay up to date on the 3 or so shows we do watch)

7. My number one biggest fear is that I'll wake up in the morning without my contacts and won't be able to find my glasses, and just have to stumble around blind all day.

8. I never thought I could be so happy I could burst. I just didn't think it was possible. Then I started dating Matt and all that changed. Now I get to be that happy forever.

9. I love backpacking - it's the only time where I can wear one outfit for days, shower in waterfalls, sleep under the stars and just be completely at peace. I can't wait for our next trip!

 10. After 3 months, I am hopelessly addicted to blogging.

Now, I want to know ten things about you!
Sweet Ally at passing afternoon
Courtney at


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