Monday, November 9

Oh what a weekend!! (Part One)

This weekend was wonderfully sunny and warm - We spent so much time outside, biking from place to place and seeing wonderful people. We did so much, in fact, that this recap will have to be split in two!

This is my dear friend Marky and his pretty girlfriend Claire. Mark and I have known each other for ages - he moved to Chicago for college and we try to meet up every time he's in town.

My $25 garage sale cruiser. I love this bike!

On Saturday night, Matt and I headed to Art Battle with friends. Art Battle is this art competition that takes place in an abandoned warehouse. Artists were given a 5 by 5 piece of plywood and 3 hours to create something amazing. It was really inspiring see all of the artwork come together - and we bumped into so many old friends!

Ally and I.

Warehouse in the pre-battle stages!

Some artists:

Warehouse in full battle mode!

This little guy was making a painting with his dad and older brother. Then it all just became too much for him :)

Eee! This is Chrissy Poo my old roommate, and her giant dragon - it had a backpack attached so she could wear it around!

 I love events like this because they bring people together for such a cool purpose. I wish they happened every weekend!


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