Monday, November 16

my weekend, in numbers

bags of theater popcorn consumed instead of dinner Friday night, while holding hands and watching the world end (and yes, 2012 was horrible. and yes, going to that movie is what we call a compromise)

frisbee tosses. the number at which i stopped keeping track during my first game of disk golf on saturday. we were on basket 5. (it was my first time. i won't be playing again!)

time that i was woken up too early to a gagging dog. in bed next to me. which led to...

 time that i had to clean up barf from the carpet next to said bed, while hubby hid under the blankets to avoid gagging himself. poor puppy shouldn't have eaten all those sticks! also...

time around on the merry-go-round for puppy, unrelated to the barf incident. are we mean puppy-parents? perhaps. was it hilarious? you bethca!

sweaters purchased from goodwill for my first fulling experiment (i thought it was called felting, but i was wrong!). now to find someone who will let me use their washing machine!

phone number exchanged from a woman who was looking for 100% wool sweaters next to me and who may let me raid her stash!!

minutes spent on a stationary bike at the y on saturday, followed by weight-lifting (scary!) with the end goal of losing...

pounds to reach my pre-marriage weight! made the mistake of weighing myself for the first time in four months at the y last week. let's just say it was exactly the motivation needed to get back in shape! i was wondering why my pants didnt fit anymore.

degrees and sunny - the high temperature for the weekend. it's michigan. and it's november. (the average HIGH temperature for yesterday's date is 42 degrees.

little things that filled my weekend, and life, with joy!

I hope you took the time to count the little (and big) things in your life this weekend!


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