Sunday, November 15

Growing Pains

In one of my favorite songs, Ben Harper sings, "The unfinished work of our heroes must truly become our own"

Helen Keller

I've been thinking a lot about heroes lately.  When we were little it was so acceptable to tout athletes and movie stars as heroes - people we idealized and hoped to be like (read - be rich like) some day. But now I'm sorta becoming a grown up. I have a job, and a husband, and a puppy to take care of. I have renters insurance and student loans and cell phone bills. And I spend a lot of time thinking about paying for all of those things, and making our apartment look 'grown up' and socializing with all of our more 'grown up' friends.

Eleanor Roosevelt

And I'm the first to admit that I do not spend nearly enough time thinking about bettering myself, and my impact on the world around me. When you are a grown up, you have power right? You know how to write to legislators and dedicate yourself to a cause and explain the way you feel eloquently so others want to change, too, right??? Okay. Not so much. But I'm ready to!!

Jane Goodall

So I'm thinking about heroes a lot. My heroes achieved things when everyone, and I mean everyone, told them then never could. Helen Keller overcame her deaf-blindness to earn mulitple degrees and speak out on the rights of others with disablitities. They used their positions of power to influence change. Eleanor Roosevelt fought for both civil and women's rights. She drove a car and met Amelia Earhart and was the first First Woman to invlove herself in the politics of her husband. They bucked social norms and lived the lives they were passionate about, moving to Africa in their 20s in order to live with chimps. They continued to campaign for their cause their entire lives. And they teach me so much about how I should live my life.

Who are your heroes? Do they share anything powerful to inspire your life?

(First two pictures found here, Jane Goodall here)


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