Thursday, November 12

Suitcase Love

Before Mattchew and I got married, we gave away/sold/recycled many of our belongings. We are both avid enthusiasts of all things thrifted and vintage, but didn't want to be weighed down by all that stuff. And though we got rid of so much, we still have a tiny apartment that contains 3 typewriters, 4 film cameras, way too many books and records and not a single piece of furniture that didn't have at least one owner before us. Sigh.

And sometimes, we look around and thing, "Gee we have a lot of stuff." And other times, all of these things with stories lead to creativity. Like the new table I 'built' the other day:

Yes, we just happened to own 4 blue suitcases in descending size. Collecting sure pays off, doesn't it?? (And I will continue calling it collecting instead of its other name - hoarding)

While on the topic of suitcases, did you see this engagement picture??

 The colors and suitcases and train trestle. Amazing!

(from Nicole Ladone Photography, as seen on Ruffled)


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