Sunday, December 6

Ornament Swap and Other Christmas Goodies!

This past week, I received my adorable package from Cassie of Hydrangeas and White Daisies. I was really sick and out of sorts last week, so it was the perfect thing to brighten my day!

 Look at how pretty the packaging is! The ornament was a little brown birdie, and inside the box was this:

A little crystal angel! So delicate and cute - also, can you see the awesome airmail labels she used on the packaging in this pic? They were such a great touch!

Here she is by my felted sweater trees. Thank you so much Cassie! And thanks Micaela, for hosting such an awesome swap!
I am well into the holiday swing now - I have so much Christmas Cheer I'm just about bursting! I've bee decorating little corners of our love nest, making and reusing things as I go. For instance - my teeny tiny obsession with paper snowflakes- I have two garlands gracing the windows in our living room. Hubby thinks they are tacky. I think they are wonderful!

Also, we watched Muppets Christmas carol last night. And fell asleep half way through. I loved every minute of what we did watch : )

What projects have you been working on? I'm always up for a little inspiration!


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