Thursday, December 3

There Goes Mr. Humbug...

My absolute favorite Christmas movie is The Muppet's Christmas Carol. Hands down. My family used to watch it at least once every Christmas break while drinking hot cocoa with candy canes and doing puzzles.

We know all the words to most the songs, but this is our favorite one. I love with the little mice sing, "no cheesus for us meesus!" (More cute mice! They are everywhere, except in my ceiling. We think those are bats now. It's quite tough to make bats cute)

Anyway, we haven't watched it together in a few years. I miss marching around the basement singing this at the top of our lungs (yes, we did this until we were in college. and yes, even my parents). I think it's time to reinstate this tradition, even as Mattchew and I make some new ones of our own.

It's also time for me to expand my holiday movie repitore. Any good suggestions?


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