Wednesday, January 20

Chili Cook-Off

Can I tell you a little something about me? 

I am passionate about my food. I like to cook it and eat it - and i like to know where it comes from and what went into it's production. I've been a veggie for seven years. I've been attempting to eat local and seasonal food for a couple of years.

How awesome is it that such a cool event is going on in my little city?? I'm particularly happy for the 'Just Eating USA: Making a Difference in Your Town' portion of the event. I'm all about the fact that the choices I make when eating can have a direct effect on those around me - and hopefully bring change to the way that people look at food. And in a state with a seriously hurting economy, I think that I can best support our survival by keeping my funds in my neighborhood and the surrounding farms.

Matthew is especially excited about the Vegan Chili Cook-off. He wants me to register, because being the sweet and oh-so-biased hubby he is, he LOVES my chili. Being the slightly self-concious and
not-vegan self I am, I am afraid to register! He thinks I should grow a pair. I think he just wants to eat lots of chili :)


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