Sunday, January 10

Perfect for all those resolutions...

Popped over to The Small Object today and saw this:

It's a little calendar for checking off each day you do something - such a cool visual reminder that you ARE achieving something, even when you forget or laz-out a couple of times. At the top, there is even a little motivational piece: "I can do it. Here I will track my progress and remind myself that any day I can do it is amazing. Go me!"

And come on, who doesn't need a little reminding that they are amazing?? And isn't Sarah so sweet for sharing?? Go download the pdf here! I didn't make any real resolutions, but for the past few months I've been in a love-hate relationship with working out and cooking meals. So I made charts for those, just to feel a little better about how often I do accomplish these tasks.

In other news, I joined Kateigh's Book Swap at {poprocks}photographs. You should too - not only will because it's an awesome chance to get and give a book, but because she will be donating a book to a local children's shelter for each person who joins. Such a great idea!


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