Wednesday, January 27

random wednesday.

I've had way too much stuff bouncing around in my brain lately...

Like this: I have so much state pride it hurts. I just love michigan. That's why i think i have to purchase these:

The cheesy saying just make them so much better, if you ask me. My favorite is "you turn me on-tario" closely followed by "huron to something good." So awesome. Cracked Designs also made me want to go on a roadtrip... how cool is this little journal??

I've also been busy making my valentines for our little swappy! Check out my constant state of craft-disaster:

That's where the magic happens, I promise... now no more sneak peaks until they get sent off!!

One more thing, I promise. Matt sent me this little video the other day. The e-mail said, "ok we can get a cat." Because I've been wanting a little kitty to cuddle with, and to keep the dog-child busy while we're at work. And I just can't make up my mind if we are brave enough to be a two-pet household, ya know? But this video kinda makes cats hard to resist:

Okay, maybe just one more. I save the best for last. If you love Sigur Ros like I do, or if you've never even hear of them, you MUST listen to this (just the first 6 minutes or so of pure bliss!):

Sorry for stream of thought. Just so many things to share... hope you enjoyed :)

P.S. A HUGE thank you to all who left me bathing suit links. Such great finds! You guys are really the best <3


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