Wednesday, January 13

What's this?? A Valentine's Swap??

Don't you just have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's day??

I know I do.

You know what always sways my feelings towards love around Valentine's day?

Homemade Valentine's Cards!!!

 There's nothing quite like a little white paste, heart shaped doilies, and glitter to get my heart pumping. I love making little cheesy sayings out of do-dads around the house for all my closest friends. In fact, last year I hosted a Valentine's making party. Hours after all the other guests had left, Angie and I were still elbow deep in ribbon and paper scraps, working away on our handmade masterpieces of LOVE.

In honor of our extreme passion for such activities, we are hosting a

So, you want in??? I sure hope so!

This swap requires you to dust off your best grade school art class moves and get down and dirty making something sweet for 5 new friends. Nothing big and fancy, just a little snail-mail love. In return, you will receive 5 cards from fellow swappers.

If you want in, please e-mail me: by January 23rd. Leave me your address and your blog address, and whether you're willing to send a card internationally.

We'll e-mail you back with the names of the people who will be receiving your love notes that week. Then you'll have till the 14th to get them to everyone!

We hope you'll join... can't wait to hear from you!


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