Tuesday, January 12

(Creative) Genius Loves Company

best friends: they listen, comfort, laugh and love.
i believe that the best of friends also spurn you on to be more than you thought you could be and do more than you ever thought you could do.

i'm not lying when i say that angie helped me reinvent my life.

quick!! if you haven't read the first part of our bestie love series, run and do it now! my story. her story.

so basically, before angie i was wandering around this gigantic state school searching for ANYONE i could connect with. there were so many people, and yet, none seemed to share much in common with me. i didn't drink. i didn't go to the football games. i wasn't a slave to my studies or super involved in on-campus activities. i liked crafting and listening to music and reading (the un-required kind) and all things vintage.
and i made it through an entire year and a half being this lonely outgoing person waiting to find friendship like i had in high school.

and then i met angie. and over the course of the class, she invited me to something called a 'shirt party' - where you get together and eat pizza and listen to ben folds live and stencil tee-shirts. and she was patient as she taught me the joys of freezer paper and textile medium.

we quickly realized we were much more dedicated than the other stencilers. and so we split off and began regularly crafting together - and the crafting was this catalyst for deep conversation about everything.

when i say angie helped me reinvent my life, i mean it. you see, she is the most genuine person i know. so comfortable in her own skin and with all that she is. and our time together slowly taught me that i could hold out for the people who were genuine. i could keep all my interests and wear them on my sleeve, as unconventional (okay, nerdy??) as they were. because they made me, me. and sometimes, having one person who really gets you is better than having a sea of people who want you to be who they think you are.

don't forget to pop over to angie's wonderful blog and see her side of the story! 

and...while we're on the topic of creativity... we have a little valentine's related fun for you tomorrow!


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