Thursday, February 11

itty bitty love letters

Sometimes, the littlest notes can have the biggest impact.

A little note I made Matt, just for fun. He has kept it hanging on the wall ever since:
While away for a week, I made Matt a little package of things to open each day so he wouldn't miss me too much :) I put notes inside tennis balls, made a lovey dovey mix and left little goodies. Here's Wednesday's card:
Love notes: elementary school edition. I hid the note under his pillow back before we lived together, so he'd get a surprise when he went to sleep:
the card was made from a kid's book from the 1960's. I loved the way the little boy stares at the little girl.
So all this posting about love notes makes me want to do something extra creative this year. I think I still have time...

Are you making anything fun for your significant other or friends this year? Can you throw a little inspiration my way? I'd love to know what you are making!! 


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