Thursday, February 11

always, sometimes, never

Laura, over at madness of mundanity is currently hosting a fabulous vintage camera themed giveaway. As I love cameras and vintage and lists, I couldn't help but join in the fun! To enter, you have to complete the saying of 'I always/sometimes/never...'

I always:
check the sale racks first
have the best of intentions
say 'i love you' before hanging up
cry during hallmark commercials and extreme makeover home edition

I sometimes:
remember to floss my teeth
eat dessert first
forget to be grateful
think with my heart

I never:
go to bed angry
read the last page of a book to find out what happens 
miss a chance to wear my galoshes in the rain
say no to a chance to go thrift store shopping!

That was fun... if you want a chance to enter, head over here.


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