Tuesday, February 9

THE Journal (love letters, continued)

You know that little book I made Matthew for Valentine's day?? Well, it was nothing compared to what he had given me for my previous birthday.

We had been dating about a month when my birthday rolled around - a birthday I would be spending hiking a 20 mile section of the Appalachian Trail with my good friend, my brother, and my dad. A birthday miles away from computers, cell phone reception, and showers. An amazing way to turn 22 (but that's a different story).

About a week before we left, he gave me this little waterproof case (and yes, he made the stencil on the front. he is amazing). 
Inside was this book:
He had taken the pages out and stitched in pages made of recycled paper bags. 
Each set of pages had pictures he had taken and found places... notes he had written and scraps of paper he had found.
I was able to write my many, many thoughts each day on a lovely backdrop.
my favorite page:
(the typed lyrics from our song)
Um yeah. I should have known as soon as I opened the journal that he was the man I would marry. A Jerry Maguire moment: "You had me at journal..."

(oh, and I'm debating... do you want to see a couple more love letters? this one pretty much takes the cake, everything else pales in comparison! but i was awfully excited and i love bragging about my man!)


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