Thursday, February 25

Latest Addiction

My craftiness really goes in spurts. I am constantly inspired by things I see on blogs, in shops, and all around me every day. This means I have way too many craft supplies that have only been used for a couple of things, and that I never really perfect any one venture before moving on. It also means I have a rockin' collection of crafty supplies.

Making these little notebooks might be my addiction for a while. I'm loving my padding compound and cutting up fun collections of paper. Here's a couple of my latest ventures:
This little Love Notes book is 3" by 2.5" - perfect for slipping into the pocket of someone near and dear. Made from recycled gift boxes and the pages are from old maps, construction paper, and catalogue paper.
I like this how this sketchbook turned out, too. The cover is made from an Arbor Brewing Company six-pack box, and the pages are from are artist's sketch paper (out of an old, half-used book i had laying around). It's only 5" by 4".

I love being able to reuse all this random paper that would otherwise end up in our recycling bin. And I'm a little addicted to notebooks... but there is no way I can fill all of these little ones. My poor family should be prepared to get these for all upcoming holidays!!


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