Sunday, January 17

Little Things

I am a trinket girl at heart. I love little doo-dads and paper creations, and am a sucker for anything knick-knacky. I have little collections all over the house, and this weekend was particularly profitable in the 'little things' department.

Like this: I found some little milk glass items at the thrift store. Can't wait to find a place for them. (Also, spent a wonderful saturday with the equally wonderful Ally - a much needed girly day of adventures)

Adding a little color to the apartment, one felted rock at a time.
  (I made a few of these last summer, and came home one day to little rocks sitting all over the floor. Thank you, puppy, for chewing the felt off my things.) 

My padding compound came in the mail on Friday. I've been a little obsessed with this project over at The Small Object , as well as everything else there, ever since falling in love with the site last week. (see?? i'm a sucker for all things little - even blogs and shops!)

I got to experiment today - and I love the results. Look at this little notepad I made:

I can't wait to make more little things. I'm thinking shopping lists, menu planning, to-read notes, honey-do lists... the possibilities are endless!

On a not so little note, I also thrifted this pretty sweet deer picture for a buck! I know - you are all sooooo jealous of my find. (I'm going to use the frame for a little chalkboard number for the kitchen.)


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