Monday, February 8

Love Letters

Hubby and I are people-people. We love good stories and talking and meeting others. We also love creating things out of odds and ends. We've slapped our little place together with string, scotch tape, and found/unwanted treasures. 

He doesn't give flowers. I don't give ties. We aren't big on buying new things for each other. 

What we do like, though, is a good love note. Especially one that combines art and the written word.

This week being full of love and pink and all things gushy as we head into that oh-so-romantic Valentine's day,  I thought I'd share some of the sweet little things we've exchanged during our time together.

(I promise to try not to be too sappy...)

Matthew is the first boy to ever leave me love letters. I found both of these notes, on separate days, waiting for me in my mailbox. It was the early days of our movement from friendship to dating, and I literally swooned when I opened the handmade envelopes and read the little typewritten messages.

Re-reading them today brings me right back to those days of giddiness and anticipation, the butterflies and the sliding into love...

Stay tuned for an easy book of love notes - my favorite valentine's gift I've given.


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