Monday, March 22

Craft Night

After a brief spell of snow all day on Saturday, the sun is back in full force, waking the earth up and reminding me of all that is good in life. Between the allure of the outdoors and the fact that Matthew leaves on Wednesday morning for a work trip, I doubt I'll be on here much for the next couple days. (he'll be gone a week and a half - sniff sniff). I promise to catch up with all of your lovely lives starting soon.

But first, I wanted to leave you with this adventure from my weekend: ART/CRAFT NIGHT!!!
The very lovely Stephanie hosted the event and invited all of her slightly crafty and artsy friends, who in turn brought a few friends. Even though few of us knew each other before the night, we all found common ground over wine, good food, and embroidery hoops. I left knowing quite a few wonderful women much better - and finished my last woodland friend for the bathroom (pictures coming soon, I promise!). It was such an amazing evening - a reminder of why creativity is so important, and having people to share that creativity with is invaluable. 

So if I can leave you with this - host an evening to bring gals together. I think we can all admit to needing a few more lady friends, especially ones with something in common with you. Invite a few girls, and make sure they bring friends. You won't regret it, I promise!

(oh, and i can't wait to catch up with all of you soon!)


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